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About a year ago, I started realizing that my time away from work pretty much revolved around sitting in front of the television. I wanted to do something to get outside and start enjoying my time, so I began focusing on recreational activities and sports. I began going through and really spending time getting to the gym, and the difference was astounding. Within a few short months I really started feeling a lot better, and I knew that I owed it all to having fun, burning some calories, and making some muscle. This blog is here to help other people to enjoy time with their families and check out all of the great things you can do for fun.



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Enjoying My Free Time With My Kids

Overnight Summer Camp: Finding The Right Fit At The Right Time For Your Child

by Herbert Richards

Is your child ready to spend the night away from home at summer camp? Many parents struggle with this decision, and it certainly varies depending on the child, but there are some ways to predict whether it is time and the right choice for your camper.

Ask the Child

Talk to your child openly about camp and ask what they think about camp. When they understand and engage in these conversations and are old enough to read, the child could be ready for overnight camp. Many summer camps mandate that your child can swim so encourage them to show their commitment to the prospect of attending camp by learning how to swim.

Find the Right Camp

All camps are not the same; unless you already have one picked out, finding a camp that is a good fit for your child involves some work. Many camps focus on specific activities or interests, like sports or music camps, while others are simply a rustic, co-ed overnight camp that offers a host of outdoor recreation and activities. Engage your child in discussing what types of things they would anticipate and enjoy, as well as which experiences might not be of interest. 

Get Them Ready

Start to get the child ready as soon as they begin school and show some self-sufficiency with daily routines. Camp requires a certain maturity level, which as parents, you will be able to recognize when evaluating readiness for overnight camp.

Communicate With Campers

Another way to get kids motivated for camp and to help them adjust well is to have communication with other campers before the program starts. If your child attends orientation or visitors' day, they may be able to connect with other campers which can help foster excitement about the summer.

Take a Tour

Take a tour if offered and meet staff to gain some level of familiarity and comfort. Simply seeing the facility, meeting the counselors, and hearing about the activities offered may be enough to excite your child about camp.

Start Small

Start small. Enlist your child for a week or weekend orientation or program, if applicable, to see how your child adjusts to camp life. If your child struggles with sleepovers or leaving home for the night, they may not acclimate well to overnight camp yet.

Face it; some kids are not cut-out for summer camp. You know your child best so go with your gut when it comes to assessing your child's readiness.  

Sometimes it is tough to know if your child will enjoy and succeed at overnight summer camps in New England; use these tips to pinpoint the right time to try camp and to open your child up to the enriching experiences available.