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About a year ago, I started realizing that my time away from work pretty much revolved around sitting in front of the television. I wanted to do something to get outside and start enjoying my time, so I began focusing on recreational activities and sports. I began going through and really spending time getting to the gym, and the difference was astounding. Within a few short months I really started feeling a lot better, and I knew that I owed it all to having fun, burning some calories, and making some muscle. This blog is here to help other people to enjoy time with their families and check out all of the great things you can do for fun.



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Enjoying My Free Time With My Kids

Tips For Playing 36 Holes In A Day

by Herbert Richards

One item that appears on many golfers' bucket lists is to play 36 holes of golf in a single day. Doing so can be ambitious — this means that you're playing two full rounds, which can take up a significant amount of time. Playing 36 holes in a day is certainly possible, but you'll want to plan the day carefully. Some golfers plan this marathon golfing session to take place at two different golf clubs, while others may plan to frequent a single course that has two separate 18-hole courses. Here are some tips to employ so that you can successfully cross off this bucket list item.

Beat The Sun

If the weather forecast calls for lots of sun on your big golf day, you'll need to take steps to ensure that you don't get too much exposure. Sunscreen, which you should apply at the start of the day and a few additional times if you're a heavy sweater, is a must. You should also plan to a wear a hat and look for opportunities to spend time in the shade. For example, when you're waiting for a fellow player to make his or her shot, walking a few steps away so that you're in the shade of a tree is a good idea.

Rent A Cart

Trying to walk all 36 holes in a single day isn't the best idea. Doing so will leave you tired, and you may have sore knees by the end of the day. Additionally, walking will slow down your pace. You won't regret renting a power cart for your marathon golfing session. With a cart, you'll not only be able to travel more quickly between holes, but you'll also have a convenient place to sit down for a rest. Additionally, the roof of the cart can further reduce your exposure to the sun.

Protect Your Feet

If you have multiple pairs of golf shoes, always wear that which provides the most comfort — even if it's not necessarily the sharpest looking. For example, shoes that look more like running shoes can be a better choice on such a day than golf shoes that look like dress shoes. Packing an extra pair of socks is a good idea, too. You can change socks after 18 holes so that your feet get dried out. Spending prolonged time in wet socks, which can occur from sweat or from wet grass, leaves you susceptible to blisters.