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Enjoying My Free Time With My Kids

6 Great Horse Barn Features

by Herbert Richards

If you're building a new horse barn or upgrading your current one, you may be wondering what type of features are best for you and your horses. While there are many aesthetic decisions to make, some of the most important features affect your horses the most. If you want to ensure your horse barn is comfortable, check out these six horse barn features.

Exterior Dutch Doors and Windows

There are many types of Dutch doors and windows, but they all allow you to open part of the door while leaving some closed to keep your horse inside the stall. These are great for doors inside the barn because they allow horses to see what's happening. However, they are also a great choice for exterior walls. Again, they give your horses the chance to see what's happening outside without getting into danger. On top of that, they bring in fresh air, which helps keep your horses healthy.

Stall Paddock

Horses need access to wide outdoor spaces, but it's not always possible. You may not have time, weather may be poor or you want to prevent overgrazing. This is why a good horse barn has a stall paddock. Basically, it's a special stall that is larger than the others, giving your horse a little more space to move while remaining inside the barn. The bigger the stall paddock, the better because it gives your horse more space to exercise, but even a smaller one is hugely beneficial.

Vented Stall Dividers

Horses enjoy socialization, and it is an important part of their care. However, like all animals, they prefer their own space. If they don't have their own space, it leads to stress and anxiety. However, boxing in all the horses can lead to poor ventilation, especially if each stall doesn't have a Dutch door. Vented stall dividers give your horses their own space, but they also allow horses to interact and create a better flow of air through the barn.

Comfortable Floors

Horses stand nearly all the time, and standing on hard or uneven surfaces quickly leads to pain, pressure and discomfort. You can make the floor more comfortable for your horses by adding rubber horse pavers or a full rubber sheet. The rubber absorbs some of the pressure, relieving stress from your horses. If you install the these rubber pavers in the walkway between the stalls, it will also help you while you walk through the barn tending to the horses, and less pain means you can care for your horses better.

Automatic Waterer System

An automatic waterer system is an excellent way to cut back on your chores, and it also ensures your horse always has water, even when you aren't there. The types of waterers available range in quality and price, but even an inexpensive one can be a helpful tool. It's also a good idea to install an automatic feeder, so even if you are out, your horses eat on time.

Horse Grooming Section

Horses require a lot of grooming to keep them healthy and looking great. During the warm months, you may enjoy grooming your horses outside, but when the rain, wind and snow hit, you'll want a warm place to groom your horses. This makes it more comfortable for both you and your horse. Plus, because you won't be out in the cold, you're less likely to put off grooming.

Owning a horse is a lot of responsibility, and one of those responsibilities is making sure your horse has a safe and comfortable barn. If you would like more information regarding horse stalls or horse barns, contact a professional at companies like Rarin' To Go Corrals