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About a year ago, I started realizing that my time away from work pretty much revolved around sitting in front of the television. I wanted to do something to get outside and start enjoying my time, so I began focusing on recreational activities and sports. I began going through and really spending time getting to the gym, and the difference was astounding. Within a few short months I really started feeling a lot better, and I knew that I owed it all to having fun, burning some calories, and making some muscle. This blog is here to help other people to enjoy time with their families and check out all of the great things you can do for fun.



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Enjoying My Free Time With My Kids

Use Your Freezer To Keep Your Nutrition Goals On Target

by Herbert Richards

When you're hungry and are short on time or don't feel much like cooking, it's easy to head to a local restaurant or pick up the phone and order takeout. While doing so can be nice on occasion, this habit can also cause you to gain weight unless you're making extremely healthy choices at healthy restaurants.

If you're eager to eat more nutritiously, one valuable partner in this effort can be your freezer. By preparing meals and ingredients ahead of time and freezing them, you'll always be able to pull out something healthy and heat it up, rather than opt for something unhealthy. Here are some ways to use your freezer in this manner.

Make And Freeze One-Pot Meals

Whether you dedicate some time on a weekend afternoon to cooking meals for the purpose of freezing or you set aside a few servings each time you cook, it's a good habit to freeze meals. This is especially true of one-pot meals such as soups, casseroles, stir-fries, and stews, as they're quick and easy to heat up from frozen. Depending on the number of people in your family, portion these meals into appropriately sized containers before you freeze them. For example, a two-person serving of frozen stew is handy if your family consists of two.

Dice And Freeze Veggies

Vegetables, of course, are integral when you want to eat nutritiously. However, you might not always feel like washing, dicing, and cooking veggies, given that doing so can take a bit of time. You'll feel more inclined to eat well if you wash, dice, and freeze vegetables in containers or freezer bags. While you can always buy frozen vegetables, going through this process with your own fresh veggies often results in them tasting fresher when you cook and eat them. Celery, peppers, onions, carrots, squash, turnips, and other vegetables all freeze well and are ideal for adding to different dishes.

Make And Freeze Homemade Stock

Soup is a healthy meal choice in many cases, especially if it's homemade and doesn't contain the unhealthy or fattening ingredients that are common in canned soups. Spend some time on a weekend making soup stock. For example, you can boil beef or chicken bones for several hours and add things such as celery, carrots, and onions. Then, without actually making the soup, you can freeze the stock in large bottles. This way, you'll always have a base for any soup that you might want to enjoy — and you'll simply have to thaw the stock and add your favorite ingredients.

For more tips, work with businesses like Plan 7 Coaching that offer nutrition planning.