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About a year ago, I started realizing that my time away from work pretty much revolved around sitting in front of the television. I wanted to do something to get outside and start enjoying my time, so I began focusing on recreational activities and sports. I began going through and really spending time getting to the gym, and the difference was astounding. Within a few short months I really started feeling a lot better, and I knew that I owed it all to having fun, burning some calories, and making some muscle. This blog is here to help other people to enjoy time with their families and check out all of the great things you can do for fun.



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Enjoying My Free Time With My Kids

Considerations When Choosing An RV

by Herbert Richards

If you have never owned an RV but have decided to purchase one, you may be overwhelmed with the available selection at many dealerships. Nevertheless, by considering your needs and matching them to a vehicle, you can choose a great rig. Here are some questions that you should consider before you buy:

Have you really committed to a full-time RV lifestyle?

If the thought of living in an RV sounds great but you are not fully sold on the idea, only purchase a rig with the minimal amenities. If you are only testing out life in an RV, it may be best not to spend your maximum budget. Once you are certain that RV-ing is right for you, then you can spend more on an upgrade.

Are you planning to sell the RV in the next few years?

If you are planning to purchase an RV, keep it for a couple of years, and then sell the vehicle, consider the resale value of the RV as you are making your purchase. The resale value is also important if you are planning to use the RV as a future trade-in.

Keep in mind that RVs with options, such as sideouts, may cost more but may also have a higher resale value. In addition, diesel engines are sometimes preferred by RV buyers. Thus, an RV with a gasoline engine may have a lower resale value.

Where will you be traveling?

If you plan to spend most of your time at campgrounds around the country, a smaller RV may be more suitable for you. Campgrounds may not be able to easily accommodate the large size of today's rigs. Older models of RVs were quite a bit smaller than many modern models.

In addition, the terrain where you will be traveling is important. You will need a powerful engine to travel the rocky, hilly areas of mountain regions. However, a less powerful engine will suffice if your plan to stick to flatter terrain.

If you plan to travel to colder areas, you may need to pay extra for the optional insulation package.

Will you spend most of your time driving on the road?

If you plan to move about frequently and drive for long distances, a motorhome RV may be a better option than a trailer-type RV. Still, towable rigs usually work well if you are driving for short distances and staying in one place for long periods.

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